Which hacks have you played and what do you think about them?
I have a list in the HACKS page with all the hacks that I have played. In the bottom of every hack description I have a recommendation number, according to how much I enjoyed the certain hack.

Where can I find your guides?
You can find all the guides that I or someone else have made in the GUIDES page.

Will you play any other hack, except those that are stated in the hacks page?
Yes, I will. But I am open to your suggestions. If you want me to test a pokemon hack (beta or not) just contact with a link to download it. Don't forget to mention the hack creator. You can find how to contact me in the CONTACT page.

Are any of those hacks yours? Or have you created a hack?
No. None of the listed hacks are mine and I haven't created any hack. I would like to, but that will ruin my will to play it because I would know everyhing in it. That's why I prefer to play another people's hacks.
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